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Gulmi Consulting is a vertically-integrated branding agency based in Boston and NYC. Our full-service public relations, marketing, brand development agency specializes in the luxury marketplace–specifically, the fashion & beauty, hospitality, and real estate sectors–our company produces ROI-focused press campaigns, targeted influencer initiatives and events ranging from VIP gatherings to large-scale launches. From startups to household names, we give your brand a voice. Our mission at Gulmi Consulting is to bring a unique point of view to your business by creating a definitive, clear, and signature narrative that adds value to your brand and meaning to your customers. Your brand is your story. Our role is to help you define, develop, and implement your brand identity so that it speaks for itself. Thats the beauty of brilliant branding. It requires less effort to communicate your vision to your consumers and build brand loyalty. The companys purpose and mission becomes self-evident.